Pastor Marty's Message

Dear Zion church family and friends,

As we enter our fall season of ministry, I am thankful in many ways.

¨     I am grateful for your faithfulness in worship. Sunday after Sunday, I see you gather to hear God’s Word, to share in the Lord’s Supper, to pray and sing God’s praises, and to support one another in Christian service and fellowship.

¨     I give thanks to God for the ways you are growing as disciples and extending our mission to learn, live, and share God’s unconditional love for all.

¨     Each day I get to serve with some of the best staff members and church leaders and church members any pastor could hope for.

¨     While I serve, I know that I am being supported by your prayers and encouragement and blessed by a church family that is a source of strength and partners with me in the Gospel.

¨      Alongside me, is Marin, who is such a blessing that no words are sufficient to convey the joy that comes from our companionship and the joy we give and receive as we pursue our vocations. Our weekends together are even more meaningful.

Parish Musician Search Update

¨     Our Parish Musician Search Committee has posted the new position and has received applications or inquiries from approximately five candidates so far. Two phone conversations to answer initial questions have taken place. We will be meeting soon to finalize interview questions and schedule interviews.

§  We are very thankful for Pam Yarnell serving as our interim choir director, Nancy Ditmer as our interim handbell director, Kate Walker serving in the capacity of creating the 10:45 bulletins, and for each of our substitute organists, Pam, Marin, and Daniel.

§  We are also very happy to have our choir and bell choirs back and welcoming new singers and ringers.

Fall Stewardship Emphasis beginning in October

¨      “Creating a Culture of Generosity” is our theme. On Sundays you will hear more.

§  Please pray and consider how God has blessed you this year as you plan your gifts of time, talents, and offerings.

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