More about the Dandelion Project...

Dear Zion church family and friends,

Last Sunday we officially commissioned our Dandelion Project team. Since this ministry is new to Zion, I’d like to answer some questions you may have.

1. What is the Dandelion Project?

As a congregation we are beginning a visioning process of our Northeastern Ohio Synod known as the Dandelion Project. We will re-discover our identity and mission for the sake of doing what matters to God. On this journey we will be paying attention to what God is up to and following where God leads. God may take us into unexpected places, even places we cannot yet imagine.

2. Why was Dandelion chosen as the name?

The Dandelion was chosen as a symbol due to its strong roots and prolific seeds. We are called to send our roots deep into the soil of God’s grace and generously share the seeds of Good News that God grows within us.

3.     What is the role of our Dandelion Project team?

The team’s role is to serve as guides on this journey. While the journey belongs to the whole congregation, our guides will attend eight Gathering Events led by Pastor Dave Daubert (with follow-up coaching gatherings). Each event will equip the team to explore these areas of congregational mission vitality:

Missional Theology:  What is God doing? And how does God call the church to be a part of it?  
Community: How does God lead us to engage with the community around us?  
Encouragement: How does God equip us to care for and encourage one another?
Discipleship: How does God invite us into faith formation, putting down deep, strong
spiritual roots?
Evangelism: How can we better understand and share God’s good news?  
Story Telling: How can we celebrate and extend the renewal God brings?
Values and Principles: How do we develop the “DNA” of God’s mission in everything we do?
Strategy: How do we teach and build around God’s mission?  

4.    What is being asked of each Zion member?

We ask you to support our Dandelion Team by taking an active interest and praying for them as they guide us on this journey. We ask you to let your hearts and minds be open to what God is doing in our community, and in your own life, as we join our neighbors in the work of Christ.

And all God’s people said: We will and we ask God to help and guide us.

Serving Christ with you,
Pastor Marty


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