Holy Week at Zion Lutheran Church

Opportunity for Confession and Absolution

During the rest of Lent and Holy Week, Pastor Marty is offering a private service of absolution and freedom from the burden of sin and guilt. This simple service of Scripture, prayer, and absolution is offered in a confidential setting.  To arrange with Pastor Marty email him at pastormarty@zionlutheran-wooster.org This gift of God's forgiveness and grace is available anytime, but you may find it especially meaningful during this season.


Holy Week at Zion Lutheran Church


The Three Days is the church’s annual experience of the heart of the Christian faith. Because there ought to be no immersion into suffering without the gift of the resurrection, and there ought to be no Easter without Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, the three-part service known as the Three Days holds them all together in the mystery of Christ.


Maundy Thursday Worship

April 6, 2023

7:00 p.m. in the sanctuary


With nightfall our Lenten observance comes to an end, and we gather with Christians around the world to celebrate the Three Days of Jesus' death and resurrection. At the heart of the Maundy Thursday liturgy is Jesus' commandment to love one another. At the Lord's table we remember Jesus' sacrifice of his life, even as we are called to offer ourselves in love for the life of the world.


Good Friday Service of Light and Darkness

April 7, 2023

7:00 p.m. in the sanctuary


Central to the Good Friday liturgy is the passion according to John, which proclaims Jesus as a triumphant king who reigns from the cross. The ancient title for this day—the triumph of the cross—reminds us that the church gathers not to mourn this day but to celebrate Christ's life-giving passion and to find strength and hope in the tree of life.


Easter Sunday

April 9, 2023


8:45 a.m. – Coffee House Worship in Room 100

10:45 a.m. – Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary

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