FAQs Regarding In-Person Worship

In-Building Worship this Sunday

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Several people have asked what to expect when they come to worship in the building on Sunday morning. These bullet points give you an idea of what to expect. Or watch this fun 7-1/2 minute video: https://youtu.be/g9-GfukRaPY


What to expect about entering the building:

·        For the time being, we will gather for a single 10:00 worship service in the sanctuary (because it is the easier space in which to spread out).

·        The doors will open around 9:45. Fingers crossed for good weather, though, in case you’d like to visit with your neighbors in the parking lot.

·        Enter the building through the main parking lot awning entrance. The Larwill Street elevator entrance will also be open and available.

·        Masks are required in the building at all times. We will have some available if you forget yours.

·        We have two touchless hand sanitizer stations, in addition to sanitizer in the rest rooms and other places.

·        Please allow only one person in the restrooms at a time.


What to expect about entering the worship space:

·        We won’t be passing the attendance pads, so someone will mark your name down when you enter

·        You will pick up a pre-filled communion set on your way into worship. There will be shepherds from the Re-entry Team during May to help direct you and answer          questions. Once we all feel more confident in the patterns, ushers and greeters will fill these roles.

·        Place your offering in the box in the back of the sanctuary as you enter. We will not be passing the offering plates.

·        Bulletins are already placed in the pews to help you choose a spot. Families will, of course, sit together. If you are attending with a friend or neighbor in your          “bubble” (someone you have been gathering with or commuting with), please also feel free to sit together. We will have at least 6 feet between groups.


What to expect about worship:

·        We will be keeping our worship services a little shorter for the time being. Plan on about 35 minutes.

·        We will be singing! Though softly and while we are masked and not all stanzas of every hymn.

·        For Holy Communion, you are welcome to remove your mask to commune. If you are less comfortable with this, you can also take the communion set home with          you and commune after leaving the building.

·        We will stay in our spaces for the service, including the Sharing of the Peace.

·        Only one speaker will be allowed at any microphone, so there will be slightly fewer readers for a little while.


What to expect when worship is over:

·        You can leave through any door you would like. Please try to allow extra space if you are passing someone in a hall or aisle.

·        We won’t be gathering in Room 200 or anywhere else in the building after worship. Again, pray for that nice weather so that we might be able to greet one another          in the parking lot as we depart.


What if I’d prefer not to gather in person on Sunday?

·        We are still working on a functional live-streaming solution, but for now, we will be having a hybrid worship option on Zoom. In other words, if you would prefer          Zoom, just hop on the regular link at 10:00 and join us.


What’s most important to remember?

·        All of us know that we are beginning the slow journey back to familiar spaces. Worship won’t be perfect on Sunday, but we will be together – both in person and in          our virtual holy space. Please be patient with yourself and with one another. The church will gather and God will be present. See you Sunday!

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