A Journey Wild and Unexpected

A Note From Pastor Shari


They are the kinds of photos that I just can’t pass up. Whenever we travel, whether across the county (when such things were possible) or for a nearby hike, I always return home with more photos than I need. More to the point, I always return home with more photos than I need of things that are growing in unexpected places, unfamiliar shapes, and unlikely times. On a trip to Colorado several years ago, I kept taking pictures of lush green plants growing out of red sand. I just couldn’t stop myself. They didn’t look like they belonged in the landscape, and yet paradoxically they looked like they were right at home.

As I write this, the Re-Entry Team and Church Council are putting the final touches on the next step in Zion’s Re-Entry Plan. We have loved our Parking Lot Worship opportunities for Holy Communion and we continue to be ever-so-grateful for the chance to connect each week on Zoom. And still we are eager to finally get to add some in-building opportunities as well. By the time this edition of The Voice goes to press, the plan will be ready to include as an insert. There will still be details to attend to, of course; but the trajectory will be set and the calendar marked.

We are still in a global pandemic. The cases and variants still battle it out with the number of vaccinations. Our journey into the next version of our community life will likely be as wild as ever, perhaps more like hopscotch than a straight line. Nevertheless, I am convinced that there is new growth and new life ahead of us. I am convinced that things are growing in unexpected places, perhaps in unfamiliar shapes, often at unlikely times. The journey continues. Let us go together. Amen.

~ Pastor Shari

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