"Why should I get vaccinated?"

As Parish nurses, we would like to answer a question we have been asked. Why should I get the Covid vaccine if I still have to wear a mask and socially distance?

There are several reasons for getting the Covid vaccine:

1.  The vaccines are 94-95% effective against Covid disease. If you are vaccinated and by a small chance you get infected with Covid, the vaccine will help prevent severe infection that may cause hospitalization, ICU admission, and death.  

2.  Infectious Disease Doctors and researchers don’t know yet if the vaccine prevents vaccinated people from infecting other people, even if they don’t have symptoms.  So doctors are still asking people to mask and distance, to protect others.

3. The more people who receive the vaccination, the greater chance we have to keep the Covid virus from changing and mutating.

Kathy and Becky
Zion Parish Nurses

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