Luther's Seal at Zion

Luther's Seal has been added to the third floor of Zion!


When Cheryl Oswald was discussing the donation of Luther’s Seal to the church with her son, he told her he distinctly remembers watching his father make that seal.  Since he was not born until the early 1980s, it could not have been used on a float in the US Bicentennial parade.  He therefore believes that it was used for a parade in the early eighties when he was a toddler.  One possible such event proposed during the pre-service Zoom gathering last week was the Wooster City 150th Anniversary in 1983.  Does anyone have any recollection of this?

In 1976 the US celebrated our 200th anniversary as a nation. Many communities celebrated with big parades. Wooster was no different. Among the floats in that parade was one from Zion Lutheran. Prominently displayed on that float was a large Luther’s Seal made by church member, Art Oswald. Since then, the seal has been stored at the Oswald home. Cheryl Oswald has recently donated it to the church and it is now hanging in the third floor center hallway. If you have the opportunity to visit the church, remember to check it out.

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